I have had my powerslide for approximately 10 years and have used it as a training supplement to compliment my running, cross country skiing, and canoeing activities.

I have it at its full length and probably the most dramatic evidence I have that it has been very useful to me was during the 2001 cross country ski season. I spent a considerable amount of time developing the ability to slide entirely across the board on one foot with the idea that it would improve my free style or skating skiing where a flat ski is essential to maximum speed. When I competed in the Empire Games, which I won in both categories of skating and classic, I picked up about 10% extra speed, a lot of which I attribute to the ability to keep my ski flat on the snow for a long period of time which I directly attribute to the ability to go the entire length of the professional slide board on one foot.

Lately I haven't been racing skis as much but I still use it in five minute blocks with the rest of my cardio vascular workout and usually manage to maintain a heart rate of between 130 and 140 with a reasonable cadence. I really love it and it is a nice change from just sitting on a rowing machine or a paddling machine. Usually I will do the paddling machine for ten minutes, powerslide for five, rowing machine for ten minutes, powerslide for five, rowing machine ten minutes, powerslide for five and so on until I have completed an hour and a half of cardio vascular. All in all, it is a great concept, it promotes balance, leg strength and I love it

Marc Gillespie
Rochester , NY


I have suffered with osteo arthritis since I was 35. As I've aged, my movements have become slower with the increasing stiffness in my joints . The Powerslide helps me stay flexible so I can continue to keep active and do the things I love. It doesn't require a long workout--just taking a few minutes to stretch and slide helps keep me moving.

Margaret K.
Memphis, TN

The Powerslide has been a useful tool in physical therapy with rehab of ACL injuries and patella-femoral dysfunction. It is easily adjustable for different levels of difficulty. The Powerslide stays stationary on the floor unlike other slide boards that I have used. Some of our high school hockey players have found it to be helpful for their training, especially since there is no permanent rink in our area.

Overall, I think the Powerslide is a great device to use for strength and endurance.

Marylyle Boolos PT, SCS, ATC.


You have restored my faith in buying merchandise via internet or telephone! Thank you very much for the email confirmation and getting the Powerslide out right away. I will definitely tell anyone I know in the market for a slide board to order it through you.

Thanks again,

Susannah G.