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The Powerslide Replacement Ramps seldom need replacing.  If you follow the use and care instructions replacing the Ramps shouldn’t need to be done.  However, if you need to replace a ramp we do offer the replacement ramps.

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Disclaimer Notice

The Powerslide is not to be used as a toy.  For safety purposes, a certified protective helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads must be worn at all times.  Keep the unit in an open space, away from household furniture and sharp objects.  It is recommended that the Powerslide be used on a hard surface, such as hardwood floor or a short pile, wall to wall carpet with non skid coating.  The Powerslide must not be used on slippery surfaces, such as ice or waxed linoleum.  The Powerslide must not be used without ramps.  Tennis or basketball footwear should be used for cushioning impact while wearing Powerslide booties.  Do not use the Powerslide unless you are in good aerobic condition (Consult a doctor).  Do not modify, alter or change the Powerslide in any way.

HRP Products, Inc. ( assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries incurred or resulting from the use of this product.